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Lake Chésery
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Vanoise National Park
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Lake Aiguebelette
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Port of Talloires
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Lake Geneva
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Hautecombe abbey
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Roc de Cornillon
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Aiguilles d’Arves
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Castle of Clermont
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Castle of Menthon
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Towers of Chignin
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Restaurant in Talloires
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Plateau de Beauregard
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Valley of Loriaz

Welcome to Savoie and Haute Savoie in the French Alps

XXL Nature

The highest mountain in Europe not only dwarfs the Savoie and Haute-Savoie but also joins them together. It is visible from all around, a flawless focal point surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes. Since 1963, when the Vanoise national park was set up, a number of other protected spaces have brought further splendour to the environment: notably the Bauges and Chartreuse regional natural parks and another fifteen or so nature reserves. You will be impressed by the abundance of wild flora and fauna.

Magazine Landscapes slideshow Planning your holiday Natural heritage
Mont Blanc
15,781 ft

Lake Chesery face of the Mont-Blanc © Savoie Mont Blanc / Dufresne

Up to


in the water

A feel of the open sea

There are four major alpine lakes, ancient traces left behind by the glaciers, which offer a whole range of opportunities for people to enjoy the pleasures of water. Each of the Lakes Geneva, Annecy, Le Bourget and Aiguebelette have their own distinctive character, their own “must see” and their own secrets to discover. Then there are the lakes’ typical activities – the cruise boats on one, fishing on another, rowing on the other, and finally sailing on the waters of the other… And all of them are great for swimming in! Beaches, relaxation and picnics are on the menu.

Magazine Virtual tour 360 views of the greatlakes of Savoie Mont Blanc Planning your holiday Swimming pool, beaches and water activities

Lake aiguebelette © Savoie Mont Blanc / Lebeau

Lake Aiguebelette,
the most secret

Lake Aiguebelette © Savoie Mont Blanc / Dufresne

A 3D playground

Whether ground-based, in the air or on the water, in Savoie Mont Blanc outdoor activities really come into their own … Sen-sa-tion-al ! Experience the feeling of soaring 4000m high in the air under a wing that just keeps climbing, or enjoy a vertical walk along a “via ferrata” trail, skim through the water as if by magic, withstand being tossed around on a raft by the rapids… here you’re guaranteed the full range of emotions!

Magazine Exploring mountain biking
Via ferrata and via cordata Planning your holiday Cycling
Walks and hikes
Climbing via ferrata, adventure courses
like an eagle

Paragliding in the Aravis © Savoie Mont Blanc / Ramus

the power of churning water

Rafting © Savoie Mont Blanc / Smit

Ancient stones and delightful stories

The châteaux of Clermont, Menthon, Ripaille, Les Ducs, Miolans, Thomas II… share their age-old stories. You will meet François de Sales or the Marquis de Sade, the princes from the House of Savoy or Cavour… The ancient walls have ears and lots of memories too : before 1860, Savoie was an independent kingdom.

Magazine The most Beautiful Villages of France
A classic setting
for a rock festival. Or not.

Show at the Castle of Clermont © Savoie Mont Blanc / Cavazzana

Exceptional eateries for exceptional times

Obviously there’s fondue, tartiflette, dried meats and a drop of dry white wine to be enjoyed in an old chalet setting ! Traditional cheese-based meals certainly keep Savoie’s customs alive. Today, Savoie Mont Blanc offers an impressive concentration of excellent lakeside or mountain restaurants as well as every type of first class accommodation. Chignin Bergeron, white Mondeuse or Persan, Savoie’s wines are award-winning and much appreciated.

Magazine Local produce
Rare grape varieties
from Gallo-Roman times

Towers and vineyards of Chignin © Savoie Mont Blanc / Lansard

Multiple snow sports for remarkable thrills

The number one destination in the world for its winter sports, this is definitely the best mountain ski destination ! The proof lies in its extensive ski areas, the hundreds of kilometres of marked ski slopes, the elevations that are a gift from nature… The most difficult decision - how to choose from Savoie and Haute-Savoie’s 110 ski resorts. The most intriguing – learning the more recent sliding sports, such as snowboarding, snow-shoeing, Nordic skiing etc.

Magazine Gliding through powder
Snowshoeing Planning your holiday Ski resorts
Connected ski areas
110 mountain resorts,
15 linked ski areas,
skis on

Backcountry skiing with views of the "Plateau de Beauregard" © Savoie Mont Blanc / Haase

Savoie Mont Blanc
is much more...

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