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Cross country skiing is fun and energising

Cross-country skiing has evolved considerably in recent years, putting the focus on fun. This quintessential outdoor activity revitalises and improves well-being. Savoie Mont Blanc is the top destination for Nordic activities in France. It offers a vast winter playground through the area’s many resorts which have developed cross-country skiing facilities. Just some of the many good reasons to discover or rediscover this activity.


Fun for all the family

Something for everyone

Cross country skiing is suitable for everyone, at any age, as the pace and the route can be adapted to suit each person’s fitness.

No need to be an outstanding athlete to have a go. This full-body workout has many health benefits and helps develop physical fitness over time. You can also take cross-country skiing very gently, as a kind of meditative outing.

Why not take the plunge?

Great for health!

The gentle, regular motions harmoniously combine muscle toning with cardiovascular training and joint strengthening. For children, it promotes dexterity and coordination. 

Pick your style

Classic or skating?

There are two types of cross-country skiing: classic and skating. The former is a bit like walking, whereas the latter can be likened to ice skating.

Classic style

Skiers advance on the track in two grooves, pushing off from one ski to the other. The skis are equipped with an anti-slip grip system which makes it easier to go uphill without holding you back on the glide down. 



Opt for classic style: the technique is very simple and almost instinctive. It’s child's play. 

Skating style

Skaters make a V-shape with their skis, pushing them outwards to propel themselves forwards, while using their poles to push. The technique is slightly more complicated, but beginners soon get to grips with it, even if they have never ice skated.  Skaters advance on the flat part of the track, swaying from side to side like a roller blader.  Skating lets you enjoy the terrain at a completely different pace. It is perceived as being more energetic.


Experienced skaters

There is no reason not to alternate styles. Skating is more physically demanding and technical, with more pronounced sensations and changes in speed.

Book a lesson with an instructor

Just like downhill skiing, you can book lessons with an instructor. Nordic skiing is quite simple to learn.


For kids

Four is the ideal age to get started, although some schools offer a fun approach starting at 2.5 years.

Some ski schools have a children's snow park that is suitable for Nordic skiing. Find out more from the tourist office where you are staying.

Getting kitted out

Before setting off on the slopes, make sure you have the right kit.

Get kitted out for nordic skiing


Pick your resort

Where to go cross-country skiing


Savoie and Haute-Savoie

78 resorts

There are 78 resorts in Savoie and Haute-Savoie where you can go cross-country skiing, from sun-drenched plateaux to winding forest tracks.

Choose your cross-country ski resort

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