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Hiking in Savoie Mont Blanc, a land to roam on foot

Explore Savoie Mont Blanc at your own pace, across gentle slopes or over steep mountains, on waymarked trails or hidden byways, alone or with others. Set off with an open heart and every time you’ll come back smitten

Alone or with others

Walks and hikes

In Savoie Mont Blanc, where 230 lakes of all sizes and depths nestle among pristine mountains, where a national park and 2 regional parks rub shoulders with 18 nature reserves and 2 Geoparks, no two hikes are the same.

All the hikes

10 must-do hikes

And if you had to choose just ten? Ten walks, ranging from family strolls to strenuous hikes, along Savoie and Haute-Savoie’s most beautiful trails. 

Top 10 walks


Accessible and fun

Walks for all

These themed walks, nature trails and discovery trails are perfect for families. And because walking is for all, numerous accessible trails have been created for families with pushchairs and people with reduced mobility. 

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Hike with confidence 

Practical tips

A little advance preparation will ensure you get the most from your walks. Here are some tips to make every outing carefree. 

And why not

Go with a walking guide

No one knows more about Savoie and Haute-Savoie’s countryside and hiking trails than a walking guide. Hike with a guide and you will see the mountains as you have never seen them before.

Circuits to get away from it all

Multi-day hikes

Pack your rucksack and head off for several days. Walk at your own pace and take the time to soak up the views and marvel at nature’s bounty. Tempted?

Multi-day tours and long-distance walks
Multi-day tours and long-distance walks 

Must-do hikes

There are thousands of ways of getting close to Savoie Mont Blanc’s iconic sites: Mont Blanc, Vanoise National Park, peaks, glaciers, lakes. Here are four multi-day hikes, chosen for their outstanding beauty and special characteristics. 

4 outstanding multi-day hikes

A story to be lived 

They did it

A multi-day family hike in the Vanoise.

Marmot Hike

When you are knee high to a grasshopper, a one-day hike is already a huge adventure. Spend a night in the mountains and it becomes an expedition. Juliette, Jean-Marie and their kids set off into the mountains… 

Sleep in the mountains

A night in a hut

Nestled in the immensity of the mountains, huts provide landmarks for hikers and offer welcoming ports of call along their route.

The mountain hut: point of passage, convivial haven

You will never forget your first night in a mountain hut, but you shouldn’t turn up unprepared. Here are a few rules to follow to ensure this unique occasion is a wonderful experience.

Tips for your first night in a hut

Simple and practical

The Savoie Mont Blanc hikking app

Available from Google Play and Apple Store, this free app describes more than 800 hikes and provides a host of practical info. 

Find out more about the app