Biathlon, spot on for winter

This kind of Nordic skiing, which is growing in popularity, combines precision shooting with cross-country skiing technique. Brought to light by world championship competitions such as the Olympic Games, and thanks to the success of our French champions, the biathlon is now on a roll. 

What is a biathlon?

The biathlon owes its name to the two events which comprise it: cross-country skiing and target shooting. It emerged in the 20th century, initially for military purposes.

The discipline was introduced to the public after World War I and became an Olympic event for men in 1960, and for women in 1992.

Despite lying in the less appealing shadows of downhill skiing for many years, and being seen as reserved for a select few, the biathlon has now found its place as a physically demanding yet fun activity.

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    A sport within everyone's reach

    The biathlon is open to adults, of course, but it is also safe to introduce the sport to children as young as seven years old thanks to the use of laser rifles. 

    Where to practice biathlon
    All year round

    Lessons and introductory sessions

    Cross-country ski schools in Savoie and Haute-Savoie offer introductory packages and lessons, even during summer, using roller skis or roller blades.