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The protected, treasured spaces in the Savoie Mont Blanc area

A national park, the Vanoise. But also two other regional parks. Two Geoparks. And 18 natural reserves. The Savoie Mont Blanc is a place where nature expresses its full richness and diversity. That humankind wants to sustain as protected areas.


France created its first national park in 1963: Vanoise National Park. Its treasures: majestic ibex, dense edelweiss, and playful marmots. Turquoise lakes, sparkling glaciers, sharp peaks. The park wardens carry out important observation and inventory work. 
Current regulations in the park protect this exceptional natural heritage. In the centre, you cannot pick flowers, camp, or bring dogs, for instance. 
But national parks also have the mission to welcome and educate the public, which is why they maintain the trails, refuges, and themed routes. Because protecting nature isn’t done against humans, but with us.




The regional national parks are spaces recognised for their invaluable landscapes, heritage, and fragility. 
The regions have created initiatives based on a charter outlining the commitments of each town and village wishing to engage. Each park has its own particularities and rules. 
Their common mission: to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. 
Savoie Mont Blanc has two regional parks: the Massif des Bauges and the Chartreuse—mid-mountain territories combining rural civilisation and soft tourism. 

In Savoie and Haute-Savoie

Protected areas are numerous

Discover the parks and reserves

All of these national and regional protected areas give a breath of fresh air to the environment.


The UNESCO Geopark label—awarded to the Bauges and Chablais—distinguishes areas containing geological riches and promotes them. 
Natural reserves focus on limited species. Created by the Ministry of the Environment, the reserves protect specific aspects of plants and wildlife. Their regulations resemble those for national parks. 
Eighteen natural reserves are spread out across the Savoie Mont Blanc: Contamines-Montjoie, the Dranse Delta, Grande Sassière, Lake Aiguebelette, and more.