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One national park, the Vanoise, two regional parks, two geoparks and eighteen nature reserves: Savoie Mont Blanc is a veritable treasure trove of nature. We humans are helping to protect this natural bounty and biodiversity by creating parks and reserves. 

Magnificent scenery

Protected areas, unspoilt nature

From famous mountains to sites of outstanding natural beauty, nature is the essence of Savoie Mont Blanc. A national park, two regional parks and eighteen nature reserves protect this exceptional environment.

Nature conservation through parks and reserves
Respect the mountains 

Observe without disturbing 

Savoie and Haute-Savoie’s mountains are home to an amazing variety of wild animals and plants that are a constant delight to see.  

Discover the protected species in Vanoise


    Chablais and Bauges

    2 UNESCO Geoparks

    UNESCO Global Geoparks are rural areas with exceptionally rich geological, natural and cultural heritage. Two mountain areas in Savoie and Haute-Savoie have been awarded this label. 

    Savoie Mont Blanc

    Naturally beautiful 

    No need for artifice. As the ever-changing light plays across the landscape, the mountains’ intricate forms and exquisite colours provide a powerful, breathtaking and magical spectacle. 


    Pastoral traditions

    Alpine meadows

    Cows, sheep and goats graze the mountain pastures from May to September. The annual migrations of the herds and flocks are truly festive occasions for our mountain villages.

    Mountain produce 

    Savoie and Haute-Savoie’s alpine meadows are mostly dairy pastures, whose milk is turned into wonderful mountain cheeses, often made on the spot using traditional methods. Reblochon, beaufort, tome des Bauges, abondance and chevrotin are just some of these truly local products that visitors can taste and buy.

    Visit the mountain farms


    Mountain active

    There is no better time than summer to soak up all the benefits of the mountains. So, why not use your holiday to try an exciting new activity in this amazing open-air playground?

    Active holidays

    Try a new activity and add a spark to your holiday


    This summer, i'd like to... 

    Take root

    Staying in Savoie and Haute-Savoie 

    With your family or on your own, here for a few days or two weeks, the most important thing for a holiday is to be carefree, so you can breathe the fresh air and enjoy the mountains to the full

    Each to their own 

    Looking for a holiday cottage in the middle of nowhere? A bed & breakfast with a view?  A campsite with swimming pool? A holiday centre for your kids? 

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      Unforgettable events

      They can last a few hours or several days. Start early in the morning or finish late at night. Happen only once or take place every year. Sporting or artistic, recreational or folkloric, they all have the ability to enthral and exhilarate the senses. And whether you came specially for them or just happened upon them during your holiday, one thing is certain, they will turn every moment into a precious memory.  

      This is the promise of events made in Savoie Mont Blanc, land of great premières.

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