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Saint Roch chapel

Saint-Roch Chapel is situated in Villard village in Montagny (Savoy). It was built just before the pastoral visit in 1633.

Historic site and monument Saint Roch chapel Montagny


Montagny (73350)

The Chapel had a door to the north because at the time the path from Le Villard to the chief town went this way. In 1901-1902 it was rebuilt thanks to the priest, E. Eynard, born in Le Villard and the villagers. The door was moved to the south to open onto the new road leading to the village.
The statue of Notre Dame de Lourdes is on the front. On the top there is a 40cm hole diameter bell casted by Georges and Francisque Paccard, smelters in Annecy-le-Vieux. A similar bell is in La Thuile.

Inside, the painting of the altarpiece shows, at the feet of ND, Saint John the Evanglist, Saint Roch affected by the plague and Saint Appoline holding pincers. You can see several statues of polychrome.
On the top of the cupboards a Sacred Heart in plaster made in Le Tarn in the 19th century waves at Saint Roch in polychrome wood. Far more baroque Saint Germain and Saint Emile face each other on their shelves. Discreetly a Holy Bishop accompanies Saint John on the Predelle.
In a configuration close to that of La Chapelle de la Roche a gold leaf statuette of the Crowned Virgin and Child from the 19th century stands in a niche in the centre of the set.

During the plague events in the 1600’s confirmed or suspected patients were isolated in huts west of the village at La Chenaie du plan de la Combe near the only path from Le Villard to the chief town. To feed them food was handed on a long handled shovel called palaton. The palaton was used to put the bread in the oven or to remove it from the oven. Prayers were said for protection from the disease. The help from Saint Sebastian and Saint Roch was eagerly sought.
Saint Roch got the plague and survived. That is why he was chosen as the Patron Saint of the chapel of Le Villard and is seen in other chapels of the parish.

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    17th C


    Le Villard 73350 Montagny

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