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Montagny chef lieu

Located at 1050 meters, it is the main village where you can find the town office and a restaurant. You can see the St Germain church with its Organ, the St Sébastien chapel and the Notre Dame des Neiges chapel a few kilometers away.

Historic site and monument Montagny chef lieu Montagny


Montagny (73350)

The inhabitants of Montagny are called the “Montagnolais”. The ancient form of the name is Montaniaco : a field (acum) belonging to Montanius, a frequent roman name. You can find some other towns called Montagny, at least 11 more in France, without counting the « Montagnac » in south-west France which comes from the same etymology.
The territory consists of 1326 hectares, 334 of forest, facing south, forming a dome in between two rivers. The underground is mostly in the Briançonnais coal belt which under the « Terreur », was known as Mont-Noir (Black Mountain).
The coal mines of Montagny are exploited since the 18th century. Miss de Varens, protectress of Jean Jacques Rousseau, invested money in the mines of Montagny. The exploitation of these mines maintained a larger population than the other cities in the region from the 16th to the 19th century. The coal was meant to be used at the Salines (salt manufacturing) de Moûtiers. The mine was at its best potential from 1940 to 1946. The last owner « Les mines de Carvin » stopped the production in 1960 when cardboard factory of La Rochette decided to use another power source.

The village’s festival is celebrated during the first week-end of august.

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    73350 Montagny

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