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Saint François Longchamp (73130)
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I offer a well-being massage known as "essential", a synthesis of Californian massage and the Swedish technique, which is extremely complete, both cocooning and working on tension to deeply relax the body and mind.
This well-being massage is the synthesis of two very different techniques: Californian massage, a great cocooning massage using fluid manoeuvres and gestures, very enveloping, fairly light and very pleasant, and the Swedish technique, which is more locally targeted, more muscular, on tension, with much longer-lasting effects.

. Body Scrub | 30min.
Prepares the skin for massage, eliminates dead cells.

. Discovery Massage | 30min.
Relaxing back or leg massage.

. Back massage | 45 min.

. Large relaxing massage | 45 min.
Back, legs, face, feet.

. Essential massage | 60min. or 75min.
An alchemy of enveloping and comforting movements.
Designed to relieve muscular tension and deeply relax the body and mind. A complete moment of relaxation.
A synthesis of Californian techniques (rhythm, fluidity, globality, enveloping manoeuvres) and Swedish techniques (work on different parts of the body).
Full body massage with essential oils.

. Sports massage | 45min.
This massage consists of sliding pressure, kneading (Swedish massage), mobilisation, vibration and stretching. It is a preparation massage before exercise (warm-up), but also a recovery massage after exercise

. Exfoliation + massage 60min. | 90min.

. Foot reflexology | 30min.

Sophrology uses breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualisation techniques. Its richness lies in the availability of static or dynamic exercises that meet your needs and enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Thanks to simple exercises that are easy to reproduce at home, Sophrology is a method that allows you to practise independently.

. In individual or group sessions, in a practice, at home or in the workplace.

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    All year round, daily.

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