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La Rotonde des Trésoms

Beautiful gastronomy, balance of flavours, heritage and know-how in this panoramic restaurant La Rotonde overlooking the lake. Eric Prowalski offers a fine cuisine with authentic and local flavours without forgetting his south-western roots.

Hotel-Restaurant La Rotonde des Trésoms Annecy


Annecy (74000)
Chef : Eric Prowalski
Chanel(s) : Master restaurateurs
  • Gastronomic cuisine

Eric Prowalski takes you on a journey through taste, respecting the seasons and quality products. Tasteful walks from Arcachon to Annecy in a fine work of cooking. Sharing and exalting the dishes of our region in our gastronomic restaurant La Rotonde with its modern and warm décor, which opens onto the lake and offers a wide angle view of the lake and the mountains. From the club menu served in one hour at lunchtime and during the week to the tasting menu, we offer you a beautiful menu to satisfy all your desires. Welcome to a world of sharing, delicate flavours and emotions. A subtle and gourmet cuisine is born. The plates are colourful, feminine and elegant. Through his creations, Eric interprets the two territories that have shaped his life.
Dialogue between the Arcachon basin and Lake Annecy. "I am lucky enough to have a double culture. First of all, my family history in the South-West and that of my adopted region (Annecy in Haute-Savoie), which has welcomed me with open arms. Every day, I create a real culinary identity from these two roots". The theme of water is the link between these two natural territories.
Each of his creations brings together these two worlds, two ecosystems, which complement, harmonise or oppose each other. Lake Annecy, calm and radiant, leads him to interpret freshwater fish and the vegetables of our market gardeners. A subtle repertoire!

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    • Sustainable development
    • Soal hot water
    • Waste management
    • Rain water collectors

    The establishment has been involved in an environmental approach recognised since 2011 by obtaining the Green Key label and recently by the environmental label. In addition to the daily sorting of waste, the kitchen is equipped with an eco-digester that reduces waste from 100 kilos to 1 kilo. The emphasis on local producers and the use of seasonal products is accompanied by a rigorous selection of products in terms of both quality and supply conditions. A herbarium also allows chef Eric Prowalski to pass on his knowledge and contributes to the involvement of the brigade. The collective apiary contributes to this educational approach and to raising awareness of biodiversity.


    Since the autumn of 2018, a perfume of renewal has been rising in the plates. Head chef at Les Trésoms since 6 June 2011, Éric Prowalski has made a change of direction, the result of several months of introspection and questioning in search of his roots and his culinary identity. It is a blossoming, serene and self-confident chef who works at the table of the gastronomic restaurant La Rotonde. A chef who is keen to communicate with his teams, integrating listening and teaching into his management. He has learnt to draw and specify his dishes in order to tell them better and to ensure that his brigade knows how to interpret them faithfully. This work led him to receive the Gault et Millau trophy for Cuisine de la Mer Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 2021 in the autumn. Eric has just put a nice star on the house, a nice reward in the Michelin Guide. As a teenager, Eric Prowalski was involved in high-level sport, which instilled in him a competitive spirit, a sense of detail, the ability to surpass oneself, the capacity to adapt... Then his path as a chef was marked by three great chefs, with whom he trained. From Jean-Marie Amat, so loved by the people of Bordeaux, he retains the creative, dreamy and professional side. Philippe Etchebest taught him technique, competition and kindness. Alain Solliveres, at the Maison Taillevent, which had three Michelin stars at the time, instilled in him a love of the product and rigour.


    Adult menu: 59 to 159 €
    Child menu: 29 €.

    Methods of payment accepted : American Express, Bank/credit card, Cash, Titres restaurant (vouchers)


    Languages spoken : English, Spanish, French, Russian


    All year round, daily.
    Closed on Saturday lunchtime, Sunday and Monday.

    • Restaurant
    • Sustainable development
    • Soal hot water
    • Waste management
    • Rain water collectors


    15 boulevard de la Corniche 74000 Annecy

    • Accessible for wheelchairs with assistance
    • Reserved space 330 cm wide < 100 m from the site
    • Height under table >= 70 cm width >= 77 cm
    • WC + grab handle + adequate space to move
    Mental Disability

    The dining room, the terrace and the restaurant's toilets are accessible to people with reduced mobility.

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