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A closer look at the world of mountain biking

The term mountain biking encompasses different forms. Let's take a closer look to get familiar with them and take full advantage of the itineraries and equipment the Savoie Mont Blanc proposes. 


In general, a mountain bike can handle any type of ground, with hilly terrain its preferred stamping ground. Yet many different mountain biking forms exist. The most traditional, cross-country MTB, emphasises riding over all types of terrain for long or short distances using a light-as-possible bike with a front suspension fork.

It's great for family outings on marked routes of all levels—plentiful in this region. The more challenging form is all-mountain, using a bike with full suspension for more comfort during descents.

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For thrill seekers, nothing beats downhill mountain biking. These bikes use reinforced equipment with large suspensions to handle the shocks from the terrain, and even jumps! Most ski resorts with downhill paths have chair lifts or gondolas, making getting up to the top effortless. They are the perfect place to hurtle down the hills on different level paths marked with the same references as ski pistes (green to black). Make sure you master the techniques and have the proper equipment (helmet and other types) to protect yourself from injury.


Resorts also offer bike parks, the summer version of snowparks. Bike parks are managed zones that provide mountain bike fun using modules, recreational routes, and other types of slopes. Les Gets (Haute-Savoie), Tignes (Savoie) and Les Saisies (Savoie) have become the top bike park sites.


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The biggest trend by far has been electric mountain bikes (eMTB). Riders can scale steep slopes and pedal longer without the exhaustion that can follow.

These are all great possibilities for trying out mountain biking without being an elite athlete, but just for the pleasure of getting some fresh air and enjoying the scenery.



Bike rental agencies, found in resorts and throughout the region, offer different types of mountain bikes, including eMTBs. Sites with VTT-FFC® accreditation not only have marked and maintained paths, but circuits dedicated to certain MTB forms—including eMTB—rental services and all the information you'll need.

And the MCF bike instructors (Moniteurs cyclistes français) are here to help you build your skills under the safest conditions.