The Savoie Mont Blanc offers 1001 ways to reach its heights and trek near its legendary sites. You’ll always find a path to take you through the mountain passes and along cliff trails to the foot of its crags, peaks, and summits. The top treks—the ultimate itineraries—allow profound exploration of the Savoyard mountain ranges. 


The Mont Blanc circuit

The Mont Blanc Circuit crosses three countries and has several variants. Count on eight to 15 days to pass through the French, Swiss, and Italian alpine valleys. You’ll see several glacial panoramas and hike through the heart of nature reserves with scenery that changes as dramatically as the altitude does.

1490 m Starting point altitude:
12 days Duration
8651 m Cumulative positive elevation gain

The lake Annecy circuit

Experience the exceptional panoramic viewpoints on the Lake Annecy Circuit. You’ll hike on trails that criss-cross alpine pastures, hamlets, and villages, enter the Massif des Bauges Natural Park, and climb the iconic summit above the lake, La Tournette, at 2,351 m in altitude.


446 m Starting point altitude:
6 days Duration
5140 m Cumulative positive elevation gain

The Vanoise glaciers circuit

The Vanoise Glaciers Circuit is one of the most emblematic treks in the Alps. The itinerary in the heart of the Vanoise National Park takes four to seven days, depending on the trails. You’ll explore the ice caps nestled between the alpine pastures and everlasting snow, where you’ll cross paths with ibex, chamois, golden eagles, and bearded vultures.

1400 m Starting point altitude:
4 à 7 days Duration
4140 m Cumulative positive elevation gain
In the alpine pastures

Beaufortain mini-circuit

This hike offers the possibility to get back to nature by following the rhythm of the outdoors in the heart of the refreshing mountains. As you walk, the scenery slowly reveals itself: snow-capped peaks, turquoise lakes, and verdant meadows with cattle. Here, everything exists in harmony.

1818 m Starting point altitude:
3 days Duration
1800 m Cumulative positive elevation gain