Discover the array of Savoie cheeses by following the dedicated route which stops off at local dairies, cheesemongers and cheese cellars. Some 70 sites in the Savoie Mont Blanc valleys and mountain pastures welcome visitors, sharing the secrets behind the production of Savoie’s eight PDO / PGI cheeses. 



What the dairy farmers, cooperatives, cheese producers, cheesemongers and mountain herders all have in common is their passion and drive to share the ins and outs of their work, their products and their lives with visitors.  
You can book a guided tour or look around freely, enjoy a meal on the farm or just a snack, visit local exhibitions and museums, try your hand at cheese making or milking, as well as book a guided hike around the various mountain sites. 

You’ll be sure to come away with a memorable experience!

Discover the local area through its products and expertise

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    The Cheese Route covers eight different traditional cheeses made in the Savoie and Haute Savoie valleys, each of which have been given Protected Designation of Origin or Protected Geographical Indication status:

    - Abondance,

    - Beaufort,

    - Chevrotin,

    - Emmental de Savoie,

    - Raclette de Savoie,

    - Reblochon,

    - Tome des Bauges,

    - Tomme de Savoie.