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Visiting Le Consortage farm

It was the first GAEC (Groupement Agricole d'Exploitation en Commun) in France, to be formed with so many partners. The company specialises in breeding dairy cows. It has around 260 animals, 130 of which are dairy cows.

Entertainment/recreation Visiting Le Consortage farm Aime-la-Plagne


    On Sunday 01 January 2023
    Aime-la-Plagne (73210)

    The milk produced is used to make Beaufort, the region's flagship cheese. The milk is processed by the Coopérative Laitière du Canton d'Aime. To date, five of the partners are still working on the farm. Some of them have two jobs, also working as season workers in the ski resort during the winter.

    UNGUIDED VISIT possible, by appointment


    Languages spoken : French


    All year round, daily.


    Le Reposu Granier 73210 Aime-la-Plagne
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