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Everything you need to know about pedelc or EPAC (Electronically Power Assisted Cycle)

The PEDELEC industry has grown significantly over the past few years. This battery-powered bike, perfect for urban travel, quickly conquered mountain touring by offering less experienced cyclists the possibility to reach mountain passes with moderate effort. In classic road or mountain bike form, electronic assistance has become a precious ally.


Pedelecs work much like traditional bikes. In addition to the bicycle drive and chain, a pedelec has electronic assistance triggered through an effort sensor—the more effort you exert, the more assistance you'll have. The process is particularly efficient when starting and climbing.

Although anyone can use it, a pedelec is not a lazy person's bike. Riding it, especially in the mountains, requires a minimum level of fitness. With the effort reduced, biking becomes calmer and more contemplative.

Manufacturers must limit pedelec speed to 25 km/h. This means the motor will assist you until you reach this speed. Once you reach it, only your effort will make the bike move.

Pedelec rentals cost about €25 for a half-day. Rentals usually include protective gear (including a helmet) and possibly child bike seats. If you want to buy a pedelec, prices start about €800.

Most mountain or lakeside holiday resorts, cities, and villages propose either classic or mountain pedelecs. You'll have everything you need to discover the bike routes, greenways, and great mountain passes in the Savoie and Haute-Savoie.


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