Spring skiing under ther microscope

Spring skiing is considered the Holy Grail, and a real delight even for less experienced skiers. Let’s review the specific features of skiing at this time of year.

The specific features of spring skiing

A different type of snow

Snow which is dry and light until March starts to become more compact and wetter during the latter part of the season. Experts often refer to the round grains that snow forms after the spring equinox, in reference to its unique structure in the final phase before it melts. 

"Unlike fresh snow, which reflects 90% of the sun’s rays, snow in spring is less bright and absorbs a lot of these rays,” explains Benjamin Blanc, Piste Director in Belleville valley. "It therefore melts more quickly". 

Something for everyone

Over the course of the day, the snow goes through different stages, except for north-facing slopes where it keeps its powdery texture almost entirely, especially at high altitude.  

Early in the morning, the snow is as hard as nails, having refrozen overnight. This type of snow is popular among experienced skiers who enjoy the thrill of a fast, edgy descent.

As temperatures rise and the spring sunshine takes hold, the snow gradually softens at the surface, presenting a velvety sweet spot late morning. You only have a few hours to delight in this smooth, amenable snow to your heart's content


These conditions are perfect and make skiing seem easy.

A new way of skiing

Beginner-friendly snow

"These conditions are perfect and make skiing seem easy. It’s hardly surprising that this type of snow gives even novice skiers wings! This makes it especially conducive for those looking to try out cross-country skiing, which in fact used to be called spring skiing," points out Benjamin Blanc.c.


Ski until three, then change activity

From 2 or 3pm onwards, the snow on exposed slopes turns into slush. If you don’t like skiing in these conditions, it’s time to stop.  "You can generally ski in spring until early afternoon,” advises Michel Girard, Marketing Director for Châtel ski resort and leisure equipment.

After that, it’s time to relax in the sunshine and enjoy other fun activities. 

Ski alpin au Grand Bornand

Spring skiing

Now you are in on the secret of spring skiing, why not hit the slopes in March and April? 

Spring skiing



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