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Water Joust

Welcome to the most hilarious aquatic spectacle of all time: Pool Water Joust! Dive into the adventure in a sparkling pool, where splashes are the background noise and every dive is a promise of laughter and fun.

Sport Water Joust Le Corbier


Departing from Le Corbier (73300)

Picture yourself on floating platforms, ready to face your friends in an epic battle for aquatic supremacy. Armed with foam lances and inflatable shields, you're ready to fight to stay afloat while trying to topple your opponents into the shimmering blue waters.

But beware, it's not just a game of who can make the biggest splash! It's a serious competition of fun and laughter, where balance, coordination, and a good sense of humor are your best allies.

Whether you're a fearless fighter or an enthusiastic spectator, Pool Water Joust promises hilarious moments and unforgettable memories for all who dare to dive into the adventure.

So, get ready to jump, slide, and splash in the wildest of aquatic battles, because in this pool, laughter is the only medal that matters!


Languages spoken : English, French

Period of practice

From 29/06 to 31/08/2024.

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Espace Détente Galerie Charvin 73300 Le Corbier
Departing from : Le Corbier (73300)
Latitude : 45.239572 - Longitude : 6.268988
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