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The kitesurfers of the association welcome all people interested in kitesurfing and who wish to practice this sport: discovery of the conditions of this practice, then guidance towards courses and autonomy.

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Excenevex (74140)

The AGDV association does not give kitesurfing lessons.
Contact the school : http://www.kiteautrement.fr/

It is the passion of the wind and the glide which unites, in Excenevex, Sébastien Bresset, Stéphane Renaud, Fred Crinquand, Sophie Vignaud and Christophe Pillout.
At the time when the kite starts to spread, this new sport is considered as a competitor, even a rival of windsurfing. In order to bring together the practitioners of these two sports and to enjoy the glide in all friendship, our five enthusiasts decide to create an association whose accent is also put on the safety of the practice of kitesurfing and the mutual aid.
On March 3, 2003, the association is declared under the name "Au gré du vent". Since the first registrations of members, the association has not stopped growing and welcoming new members. The office is currently made up of 12 volunteers (6 members of the office and 6 members of the administration committee).
Since 2003, the members of the association regularly leave together to take advantage of the winds of the Camargue and the Atlantic and sometimes trips are organized with more distant destinations...

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    74140 Excenevex
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