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Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-des-Vernettes (chapel)

This chapel, located at 1,800 metres above sea level, is a treasure trove of Savoyard Baroque art, set amongst 3,000 m+ high peaks. It's a stunning setting and a small corner of paradise that is not to be missed!

Historic site and monument Sanctuaire Notre-Dame-des-Vernettes (chapel) Peisey-Vallandry


Peisey-Vallandry (73210)
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The Sancuaire des Vernettes has a rather amazing history.
It's a very ancient place of worship.
For many years, local shepherds believed that water on the site had special properties, producing inexplicable and miraculous cures.
In 1702, a certain Jean Baudin, who was cured of a skin disease, decided to build an oratory, dedicated to Notre-Dame-de-Pitié, the patron saint of lepers, as a sign of gratitude.
In 1703, this first oratory - no longer in existence - was built and the spring's healing reputation spread beyond present-day Savoie.
As a result of the influx of pilgrims and abundance of gifts received, the residents of Peisey decided to build a chapel.
Antoine Jacquet, a Piedmont craftsman (from Valsesia) constructed this building between 1722 and 1727. The design of the chapel centred around a dome, surmounted by a circular lantern-turret. The scenes painted on the vaulted ceiling and dome (Luco Valentino in 1733) and the polychrome altarpieces lend the building a wonderful brightness and luminosity.
Joseph-Marie Martel, another Piedmont craftsman (a sculptor from Compertogno) created the main altarpiece between 1738 and 1742 (there is little gilded ornamentation but extensive use of bright colours, with complementary and contrasting blues and greens, bathed in marbled ochre).
The two side altar panels were carved around 1758. One of them is dedicated to Saint Jean-Baptiste (John the Baptist) and the other to Saint Nicolas (Nicholas), with the same polychrome finish as the main altar.
The work continued for nearly 80 years, employing a constant stream of Piedmont artists!
The construction and decoration of the chapel was completed thanks to the collective efforts of the parishioners and gifts from visiting pilgrims. In addition, there were also donations from residents who had emigrated to Piedmont to become traders but who had retained close links with their home parish.
The chapel, which is a listed monument, was restored between 2008 and 2013.


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    Group bookings available on request: +33 (0)4 79 60 58 99 / david.dereani@fondation-facim.fr (David Dereani)
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    Plan-Peisey 73210 Peisey-Vallandry

    Park at the far end of Plan-Peisey train station (large, free carpark); from here it's a 45-60 minute walk to the chapel.

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