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Sainte Philomène chapel - Le Cruet

This chapel is located in the Cruet hamlet, within walking distance of the Corbier resort centre. It cannot be visited, but you can still see it from the outside.

Historic site and monument Sainte Philomène chapel - Le Cruet Le Corbier


Le Corbier (73300)
Animals not allowed

1627: Foundation and construction of the Chapelle du Cruet, which was renamed Notre-Dame de la Consolation, then Notre-Dame de la Pitié in 1771, to take on its current name of Sainte Philomène.
In 1630, a plague epidemic.
In 1759: 20 families lived in Cruet, i.e. 60 inhabitants.
1876: Fire. Only 2 houses were spared.
1881: Another fire.
Inside the chapel, there is a 17th century tithe chest used to pay the tithe, a tax established for the benefit of the Catholic Church and officially recognised in 779, under Charlemagne.
The tithe was levied on crops and livestock. All property, whether that of nobles, commoners or even the personal property of ecclesiastics, was subject to tithing. Collection of the tithe was entrusted to a farmer. As a general rule, 1/4 of the tithe went to the bishopric and the remaining 3/4 to the parish. Peasants had to "offer" a tenth of their harvest, while artisans had to "offer" a tenth of their production.
The tabernacle was dug into the wall of the chapel.
Outside, the font.

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    Animals not allowed
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    All year round, daily.

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    Le Cruet 73300 Le Corbier

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