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Meillerie Priory

Where the Meillerie parish church stands today a priory was founded by Saint-Augustin canons in the Middle Ages, dependent on the Grand Saint-Bernard Hospice. The bell tower and church chancel are registered as historic monuments.

Historic site and monument Meillerie Priory Meillerie


Meillerie (74500)
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The priory of Meillerie, whose foundation date remains unknown, is first mentioned in 1133. It was founded by Canons Regular of St. Augustine, who in the course of the 13th century became part of the Order of the Great St. Bernard. In the 1220s, the priory was completely rebuilt and fortified. It became the centre of a vast religious and temporal seigniory, as well as the main residence of the provosts, leaders of the congregation. The priory was abolished in 1752.

Although some of the medieval buildings were destroyed in the 19th century, visitors can still admire the priory's Gothic chapel, the defence tower (now a bell tower) and part of the dwelling, which still has beautiful Gothic doors.

In the heart of the priory, an old restored room called "Salle du Logis du Prieuré" houses archives on this historic monument, on the history of the village of Meillerie - its fishermen - its quarries - its boats. And on the famous writers who have described the particularities of this village, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau in La Nouvelle Eloise.

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