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Carmes Church

The Church of the Carmes is a historical monument from the 15th century. Come and look up to the recently restored chancel, the amazing frescoes, the vertical gardens and the well-known St Felix source

Historic site and monument Carmes Church Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin


Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin (73330)
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The Church of the Carmes has an interesting history, full of twists. In 1355, Savoyards -inhabitants of Savoie- had no more parish church. Then, Earl Amédée of Savoie's constituency begged him for building a new church because it was unthinkable for them to remain without a church. That's how the Carmes -name of a mendicant order from Provence - arrived and settled in Savoie in 1419.
History gave the church a rough ride because of the French Revolution, that is the reason why the Carmes fleed Savoie in 1793.
Finally, 393 years later, Savoyards got what they wanted and needed.

Outside the church, turn your attention to the amazing Gothic gate, the bell tower and, most of all, to the St Felix source well-known for its water said to be able to heal eye diseases.
Inside the church, it is a bit more unusual with a body composed of only one basin, the paintings on the chancel's ceiling (paintings that were classified in 1987), the ground covered with cobblestone and the 44 gravestones.

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    All year round, daily.

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    Eglise des Carmes 73330 Le Pont-de-Beauvoisin
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