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Skiing with a horse: discover equestrian skijoring

A horse + some skis + saddlery = the perfect combo to enjoy a new kind of outdoor skiing. Discover a fun, original activity, halfway between skiing and horse riding. Skijoring is on offer at several resorts in Savoie Mont Blanc.

What is skijoring?

From the age of 6.

Fun for all the family

This sport is open to anyone (from the age of 6) who is able to parallel ski.

The principle is simple: you are pulled along on skis by a horse which is kitted out with special saddlery connected to a fixed frame, with two steering levers and a protective layer so you don’t get covered in snow while speeding along.
You remain behind the horse throughout the course, using voice commands to guide it.

For seasoned riders or beginners

Head out alone or with a guide

The horses must undergo thorough training, yet you don’t need to be an expert rider to have a go: professional guides can take you out on a tandem trip.

Did you know?

Originally from Scandinavia, skijoring means ‘ski driving’. Rural populations would use this means of transport to get around. At the beginning of the 20th century the activity became increasingly popular among tourists and sports fans, thanks in particular to the Swiss who organised competitive events in Saint Moritz. 


Several different resorts in Savoie and Haute Savoie offer introductory skijoring sessions.

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Source : Haute-Savoie Nordic