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Ambition Outdoor: Hiking, trekking and mountain biking in the Mont Blanc region

Julien is an engineer specialising in board sports, a mountain guide with a strong attachment to his region and an expert in mountain biking in all its forms. His aim is to take you on a unique adventure in the Mont Blanc region.

Service providers Ambition Outdoor: Hiking, trekking and mountain biking in the Mont Blanc region Saint-Gervais-les-Bains


Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (74170)
Animals not allowed

Ambition Outdoor allows me to make the most of all the skills I've acquired over the years. It goes back quite a long way, in fact: my first night alone in the great outdoors was at the age of 6. Although my parents weren't much of hikers, they agreed to buy me a tent after I happened to look at the packaging of a supermarket product. I was simply fascinated! To think that this 30cm-long cylinder of synthetic fibre weighing just 2kg was a house! I'd never have believed at the time that this product would be part of the professional equipment I use in the summer months.

After the tent, I discovered mountain biking at college in a rather special form: trials, a discipline that involves overcoming obstacles of various shapes and sizes using great dexterity. I quickly progressed in the three main mountain bike disciplines, winning numerous awards and even competing at national level. A sporting activity but also a means of transport with no limits other than our own, my passion for this tool has never waned.

Then came the STAPS course, motivated by the desire to become a PE teacher. But the BAFA made me give up on this project, as the new youngsters were already starting to show a lack of respect for the teaching staff. So I went into the sports industry and got a Masters specialising in snow sports engineering. I became a project manager specialising in mountain bike development and then a web architect, but one skill was sorely lacking if I was to continue in this direction: English.

So for three years I set off on a solo round-the-world trip with the aim of testing and helping to develop sports products in the areas I know best: trekking and mountain biking. I'm sharing all my adventures in two languages on my blog worldtour-outdoorexperience.com to keep in touch with those close to me, but also to maintain my digital skills and develop partnerships. Although this project seems to belong to another life, the experience gained during this period is still useful to me.
After so many years away from French culture and its administration, my return in 2015 proved very difficult. Fortunately, I got a job in a mountain resort in Chamonix. Attracted by the quality of life in this geographical area, which straddles two borders, I decided to settle there, despite the bitter reality of the price per square metre. I quickly realised that if I was going to make ends meet financially, I would have to go back to training to qualify for self-employed status.

From 2016 to 2022, I started by taking the State diploma in mountaineering for medium mountain guides, and before the end of that, I went on to take the State diploma in mountain bike sports development. I obtained both diplomas in the same year. They allow me to offer activities throughout the seasons:
- Mountain biking on snow
- Snowshoe outings by night
- Treasure hunts on historical themes
- Mountain bike coaching in clubs and private lessons
- Private mountain bike and ATV coaching from 3 hours to a full day
- Itinerant mountain biking or electrically-assisted mountain biking in France, Switzerland and Italy
- Learn to bivouac in the mountains
- Day hikes or multi-day treks
- Night hikes from 1 hour to midday

Alongside this training, I'm working as a cycle technician in a workshop before setting up my own business in 2021. Then there's the winter, when I work in the ski lifts to round off the year.

Now that you have a good summary of my background, I'm keen to meet you and find out more about you. I'd like to invite you to join in the adventure and discover the treasures of this magnificent region, with its five mountain ranges less than an hour's drive away, either on foot or by mountain bike, with or without assistance.

I invite you to visit my Ambition Outdoor website to discover all the activities and services I offer.

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    One price: 150 € (2-hour lesson for 1 or 2 people.).


    Animals not allowed
    Languages spoken : English, Spanish, French, Italian

    From 3 hours to 10 days, depending on your requirements. Made-to-measure supervision. Price according to project.
    Visit ambitionoutdoor.com and choose your activity. All the practical information is organised by tab.


    All year round between 9 am and 6 pm.


    Avenue du Mont d'Arbois 74170 Saint-Gervais-les-Bains
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