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The Roman Road

The small village of Les Contamines Montjoie is a cul de sac.

Mountain, Viewpoint, Natural wonder The Roman Road Les Contamines-Montjoie


Les Contamines-Montjoie (74170)

Notre Dame de la Gorge marks the end of the road and the start of mountain trails. Walk up the old Roman road at the end of the gorge. This road takes you to the "Bonhomme" mountain pass, leading to Italy.


Nature Reserves are some of the very rare areas of Haute-Savoie where nature has remained unspoilt by human contact. Enjoy them but don’t forget that the rules are there to remind us that nature must be respected!

Dogs must be kept on a lead to ensure that wildlife is not disturbed.

Do not pick flowers or pick up fossils, so that they may continue to be admired by all.

Take your waste with you so that the area will remain unlittered and clean.

Do not camp or build camp fires, so as not to leave any trace of your passage (mountain bivouac sites are available for your use at La Rollaz and La Balme).

To ensure a peaceful environment for animal life and other hikers, do not make unnecessary noise or engage in an activity that could disturb others. Flying over the area (paragliding, deltaplane, helicopter etc.) is forebidden at an altitude of less than 300 m; motor vehicles are foredbidden except for traditional activities (farmers, forest workers, mountain refuge huts) and chalet owners.


All year round.


74170 Les Contamines-Montjoie

Join the Roman road after the church at Notre Dame de la Gorge.

Information update on 18/04/2018 by Office de Tourisme des Contamines-Montjoie