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Thabor Mountain listed site

Valmeinier offers a number of mountain hikes in the heart of the Thabor Mountain listed site, come and breath in the invigourating air of this area of natural beauty full of wildlife and flowers.

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Valmeinier (73450)
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The Thabor mountain rises to an altitude of 3178m, it is mysterious and arouses curiosity with its' wild and authentic character. It marks the border between the Alps of the North (Savoie) and those of the South (Hautes-Alpes) where all the elements of the alpine environment are present: moorland, grass, screes, rocks but also marshes at altitude and about 30 small lakes situated at over 2000m altitude. This alpine mosaic is rich with flowers and an incredible wildlife (black and red grouse, rock partridge, chamois) and it offers the walker an area of exceptional beauty. The Thabor mountain range with it's remarkable geological history, is a mine of treasure that needs protecting. On December 26th 2000 due to it's exceptional characteristics, it was made a classified site providing it with protection at a national level and the monitoring of its evolution.
A few years later the Savoyard mountainside became the 37th Natura 2000 site for it's heritage.
The Thabor mountain range is therefore a magnificent area to discover the wildlife and wild flowers. It asks for your respect! Natura 2000 is a european ecological network made up of an ensemble of designated areas who respect the guidelines for "birds" and/or "habitats". It's aim is to encourage biodiversity taking into account the social, economical and cultural demands.

A few figures:
Surface area: 4800 acres
Boundary: From the Neuvache Valley to the west to the Bissorte Valley on the east and the Charmaix Valley to the north east
Number of lakes: 31
Altitude: The Thabor Mountain 3178m


Languages spoken : French


All year round.


73450 Valmeinier
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