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National Natural reserve : Haut Rhône Français

The natural reserve of the Haut Rhône français extends over 25 km. It is the biggest forest and fluvial reserve of France.

River National Natural reserve : Haut Rhône Français Saint-Genix-les-Villages


Saint-Genix-les-Villages (73240)

Before Lyon and between the south peak of the Bugey and the hills of the Dauphiné, the Rhône filled a lake born from the melting of the quaternary glaciers with its alluviums. The river then deviated from its course during several centuries and created countless "Iônes" arms, before being canalised by dykes and ripraps.
You can discover this river through nature outings, pleasure boatings, or canoe and kayak itineraries.

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    Saint-Genix-sur-Guiers 73240 Saint-Genix-les-Villages
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