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Massif of Bargy

Looking towards the Bargy mountain, you will discover its peaks: Dents du Midi, Pointe de Balafrasse and its Col, Pointe Blanche, Col du Rasoir and Le Jalouvre.

Cliff, Natural wonder, Viewpoint Massif of Bargy Mont-Saxonnex


Mont-Saxonnex (74130)
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The Cenise sector, which constitutes an important pastoral zone, is included in the Natura 2000 zone of Bargy. It is an area where biodiversity, rich and remarkable, is preserved through the European system "Natura 2000", which aims to conserve species and natural habitats of heritage interest.
It is possible to observe the emblematic species of the Bargy massif: the bearded vulture, which is one of the largest vultures in Europe (up to 2.80 m wingspan). Disappeared from the French Alps at the beginning of the XXth century, it was reintroduced for the first time in 1987, in the town of Le Reposoir.
The Bargy site is indeed an ideal place to live for this species, due to the preponderance of rocky environments, the concentration of large mammals and the low human occupation allowing a non-disturbance of the species.
The sectors of Cenise - Les Combes are rich in wetlands of heritage interest and include important wintering areas for black grouse, which take refuge there in winter to find the necessary rest during this period of slow activity . To limit the disturbance of these species in winter, be sure to stay in the already existing tracks and not to deviate from the main routes.

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