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Le Col de Pavis pass

This pass between the valley of Neuteu above Novel and the circus of Lake Darbon is located on the GR5 coming from Thonon, at the crossroads of several routes.

Mountain pass Le Col de Pavis pass La Chapelle-d'Abondance


La Chapelle-d'Abondance (74360)

To the west, the GR5, a variant of Thonon, comes from the nearby Portes d'Oche pass and is joined just before the Pavis pass by the end of the path which goes up the entire Darbon valley from La Revenette.

To the east, the GR5 which climbs from the Novel valley via the Neuteu chalets makes its junction with the Thonon variant a few hundred meters below the Pavis pass, at the height of the path coming south of the Bise pass.

In the south, traces as far east as possible allow you to reach the summit plateau giving access to the Pointe des Pavis.

To the north, a little-known path climbs over the eastern foothills of the Roc du Chateau d'Oche, allowing an unconventional access from this last summit by following the eastern ridges to its highest point.


Free access.


Languages spoken : French


All year round.
Summit accessible by hiking only, generally from mid-June to mid-September, dates which may change depending on weather conditions. Check with tourist offices or Mountain Guides before any access attempt.


74360 La Chapelle-d'Abondance
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