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Col de l’Iseran

At 2,764m, the Col de l'Iseran is the highest mountain road pass in the Alps and France. It is located in the Vanoise National Park. It connects the Arc and Isère valleys.

Mountain pass, Mountain Col de l’Iseran Val-d'Isère


Val-d'Isère (73150)

Major venue of the Tour de France.
It is the highest road pass in the whole of the Alps.
From the summit at 2,764m you have glorious views across the glaciers of Val d’Isère and La Vanoise.
It’s also a major venue of the Tour de France.
Col de l'Iseran, which marks the border between the Maurienne and Tarentaise regions, dominates the Route des Grandes Alpes, the famous tourist route that takes you through the entire French Alps.
Here you can follow in the tracks of the pro cyclists and climb the 17km through a 920m elevation gain to the top of the pass!
Electrically-assisted bicycles are even available in some hotels or for hire: cyclists and bikers of all kinds, welcome to the Col de l'Iseran road!


Free access.


From 09/06 to 31/10.

Subject to snow conditions.


73150 Val-d'Isère
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