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Carret cave

This cave is named after Jules Carret, a politician in Chambéry. Passionate about archaeology, he decided to carry out excavations in the Grotte de la Doria.

Cave, Natural wonder Carret cave Saint-Jean-d'Arvey


Saint-Jean-d'Arvey (73230)
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Therefore, he had a house built at the entrance to the cave, in which he stayed for 7 consecutive summers, living an almost hermit-like existence. He hoped that he would be able to open a museum containing his findings. His research methods mark him as one of the forefathers of modern archaeology. Set off from the Lovettaz car park for a 55-minute walk. The Grotte à Chambery is a relatively deep shelter under a layer of rock. As you enter the cave, you can see the remains of Dr Carret's house, a leader of archaeological research.

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    73230 Saint-Jean-d'Arvey

    Parking and departure from the hamlet of Lovettaz, from the via ferrata.

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