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Juan Carlos Machuca - Massage Therapist for 14 years - ASCA Switzerland member

Stress, fatigue, muscular tension ... Wellness massage is the solution for you!
Juan Carlos Machuca, 13 years work experience in wellness massage offers: Swedish, sports and hot stone massage.

Service providers Juan Carlos Machuca - Massage Therapist for 14 years - ASCA Switzerland member Combloux


Combloux (74920)

Wellness massage is suitable for all ages, toddlers to elders. Wellness massage does not only have soothing, relaxing and energizing effects, but it can also help calm the nervous system, relieve stress-related conditions (back pain, migraine, exhaustion and insomnia), as well as increase blood and lymphatic circulation. Wellness massage is an excellent way to relax and relief lumbar and muscular pain. As a result, it leads to a state of general well-being.

My objective is to make sure patients who feel specific body pain due to physical hard work, sport practice or fatigue related to personal/ professional stress may seek immediate relief, happiness, drive and "joie de vivre." Thanks to my initial training and my professional experience acquired over the past 10 years, I am able to offer Swedish, sport, and hot stone massage. These massages can vary from soft and relaxing or more specific with a stronger pressure. Wellness massage promotes muscle and joint tension relaxation and it will act upon the nervous system to short-circuit the pain signals. It is good to know that regular wellness massage sessions can give better results, in addition to conventional medicine.

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    Languages spoken : English, Spanish, French


    Every day throughout the year
    Opening hours daily between 9 am and 7.30 pm.
    Closed on Sunday off-season.
    The start time of the last hot stone, swedish or sports massage of the day is 19:30.


    Maison médicale 81, route de Sallanches 1er étage (2ème salle d'attente) 74920 Combloux

    on the 1st floor of the medical house (next to the pharmacy).

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