Swedish polar bread with Beaufort cheese

Preparation 10 min

An original sandwich, bursting at the seams, perfect for taking on a hike!


  • 6 polar flatbreads 
  • 300g Beaufort cheese 
  • 2 tomatoes 
  • 1 jar of sun-dried tomatoes 
  • 9 rashers of bacon 
  • 100g fresh mushrooms 
  • 1 big Gala apple from Savoie 
  • A few rocket leaves


  • Place the sun-dried tomatoes on one side of each polar bread.
  • Arrange the rocket leaves on top, as well as a few slices of tomato, some mushroom slivers, some thinly sliced apple and some bacon.
  • Add thin slices of Beaufort, put the two halves of the sandwich together and cut it in half.