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Trail de La Rosière

Now in its 10th year, the Trail de La Rosière is sure to be a sight to behold!
It will start from the Place des Eucherts and take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the Haute-Tarentaise between Mont Blanc and Mont Pourri.

Sports and leisure Trail de La Rosière La Rosière - Montvalezan


On Sunday 14 July 2024 from 06:00:00 in 20:30:00
La Rosière - Montvalezan (73700)
700 participants

4 available routes:

40km with 3000m elevation gain
22km with 1450m elevation gain
15km with 800m elevation gain
La Rosière Game: a one-kilometer loop filled with fun, sporty, and skill-based obstacles. Qualification based on a Ninja Warrior format for a final event at the end of the day.
Information and registration: traildelarosiere.com/inscriptions

A start and finish village will be set up at Place des Eucherts, featuring:

A relaxation area with sun loungers
Zoé Rodéo, the Snowleader mascot cow, for some cowboy fun
Smoothieclettes and other Juice Pedals: pedal a few times to enjoy a refreshing smoothie
Refreshment stand to cool off before the arrival of your champions
· 4pm-7pm: Course reconnaissance with KAPRA, Kévin Lagier. Presentation of the routes, advice for managing your race and understanding the profiles, Q&A session, and a 10km training run. Registration at 06 40 98 97 45. Location to be confirmed.

· 5pm: Activation run with Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon and Suunto. Duration: 1 hour, meeting point at the Suunto stand at Place des Eucherts. Free.
· 6pm: Concert at Place des Eucherts.
· 6pm: Runner's Yoga. Introduction to yoga for runners, focusing on the themes of "the stride begins in the shoulders" and "alignment of the pelvis and back." Meeting point at Place des Eucherts with Jérôme Volck. Free, registration required at 06 51 60 53 52.
· 6pm: Book signing session for "Moins courir pour mieux courir" by Sébastien Cornette, the Ecole de Trail method (Patinoire).
· 6pm-8pm: Race bib collection (Patinoire, Place des Eucherts).
· 6pm: Meet Suunto and take the opportunity to test their watches during the Trail de La Rosière! Subject to availability. Free, registration required with deposit.
· 6:30pm: Conference on "Progressing in trail running and reaching YOUR highest level" by Benoit Nave, coach of Xavier Thévenard and founder of Baouw. Training, recovery, nutrition, and overall health (Patinoire).

· 6am-6:30am: Race bib collection for the 40km race (Patinoire, Place des Eucherts).
· 6:30am-9:30am: Complimentary coffee by Suunto (Place des Eucherts).
· 6:45am: Closing of the starting area and race briefing for La Rosière 40km.
· 7am: Start of the 40km race (Place des Eucherts).
· 7am-9:30am: Race bib collection for the 22km, 15km, and 5km races (Patinoire). Race bibs to be collected at least 30 minutes before the start of the respective race.
· 8:15am: Mandatory equipment check and race briefing for La Rosière 22km.
· 8:20am: Opening of the Roches Noires chairlift (pre-sale tickets available during registration).
· 8:30am: Start of the 22km race (Place des Eucherts).
· 9:15am: Mandatory equipment check and race briefing for La Rosière 15km.
· 9:30am: Start of the 15km race (Place des Eucherts).
· 10:45am: Arrival of the 22km runners (Place des Eucherts).
· 11:30am: Arrival of the 40km runners (Place des Eucherts).
· 11:30am: Start of the post-race meal (Arrival Area, Place des Eucherts).
· 2pm: Book signing session for "Moins courir pour mieux courir" by Sébastien Cornette, the Ecole de Trail method.
· 2pm: Registration for the Ros' Games, available on the Trail's online store.
· 2:30pm: Prize ceremony at Place des Eucherts and autographs from the champions.
· 3pm: Ros' Games: a fun race for children aged 5 to 15. Starts by age group.
· 3:30pm: Recovery session with Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon, meeting point at the Suunto stand. Free.
· 5pm-6pm: Aperobloch' offered by Snowleader.

Meals and beer will be provided for the 40km, 22km, and 15km runners upon presentation of their race bibs!
The chef's menu for the day includes:

Starter: Tomatoes, basil, and crudité salad
Main course: Ham with bone, crozets (Savoyard pasta)
Tomme de Savoie cheese
Additional meals can be purchased for accompanying persons for €15 at the bib collection or on-site on Sunday lunchtime (subject to availability).

Restaurants and snacks are also available in Les Eucherts.

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    Registration: https://www.traildelarosiere.com/inscriptions/
    - online until midnight on 15 July 2023
    - on site the day before or on Sunday 16 July 2023 at 06:00 AM AS AVAILABLE

    Medical certificate required for all courses.


    Languages spoken : English, French, Italian
    Languages of documentation : French


    Sunday 14 July 2024 between 6 am and 8.30 pm.


    Place des Eucherts 485 Rue des Eucherts 73700 La Rosière - Montvalezan

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