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Squall of the deer

The deer slab echoes throughout the forest from late September to early October. On this occasion, the Vanoise National Park and the Tourist Office of Peisey-Vallandry organize an autumn evening on the theme of the deer, host of the Rosuel Valley.

Nature and relaxation Squall of the deer Peisey-Vallandry


On Saturday 24 September 2022
Peisey-Vallandry (73210)

The mating season has arrived, and the young stags are going to go on an adventure, forgetting all caution to conquer the females.
The old males jealously watch over the herd they have returned to, and try to attract females from the neighbouring herd. These herds can reach up to 30 heads at this time. They have a lot to do day and night: watching the females, mating with the ready ones, discouraging the young males who try to steal the ones that stray. These males without a herd can become very pushy and a fight cannot be avoided.
Intimidation manoeuvres may suffice, as the old males are experienced. Otherwise the sound of antlers clashing resounds through the forest.

In the mountains the deer are easier to see than in the undergrowth, and their bellowing echoes from rock face to rock face.


- From 5.30 pm: Meeting with hunting delegates in the company of agents of the Vanoise National Park, with presentation of trophies, horns and antlers.

- 6.15 pm: Screening of the film: Le Cerf, chasse, vie followed by discussions, debate

- From 7pm: meal at the Rosuel refuge: broken pitch soup; diots with potatoes au gratin with Beaufort cheese; fromage blanc with your choice of honey, blueberries, jam, sugar.

At 21h and 21h45:
- A walk around Rosuel with an agent of the Vanoise National Park in search of deer and their bellowing (Duration: 45 min)
- And/or Storytelling by the fire with Gilles Imbert's Cie de l'Alpe (Duration 35 min)

Single price for the meal and entertainment 25€.
Reservations required at the Peisey-Vallandry tourist office on or on https://www.peisey-vallandry.com/billetterie-en-ligne-1.html
Attention limited number of places!

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    Price includes the meal at the mountain hut and the workshops. Meals plus animations 25 €.

    Methods of payment accepted : Check, Cash, Online payment


    Languages spoken : French
    Languages of documentation : French

    Provide warm clothes, a headlamp and good shoes for the evening.


    Saturday 24 September 2022.


    Nancroix 73210 Peisey-Vallandry
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