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Show « La légende de VERBRUNCHNECK »

A show where you will (perhaps) be an actor
We are a few minutes from the start of the show. The director (also presenter and technician of the company) is there, the set is set up, the costumes are in place, the sound system is connected but no actors warming up backstage! How to play the legend of Verbruntschneck?
Is the team somewhere on the side of a road next to a broken down minibus? was there a big argument, a last-minute clash? Or was there never a theater troupe in this company?
Fortunately the audience is enthusiastic, thanks to them the show will take place!

Entertainment/recreation Show « La légende de VERBRUNCHNECK » Morzine


On Wednesday 31 July 2024 in 18:00:00
Morzine (74110)


Free access.


Languages spoken : French


Wednesday 31 July 2024 at 6 pm.


Place de l'Office de Tourisme 26 place du Baraty 74110 Morzine
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