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Sacoches et Guidoline - Bike travel film festival

A friendly meeting for bike world travellers.
2 evenings of film screening and conferences.

Cultural Sacoches et Guidoline - Bike travel film festival Peisey-Vallandry


On Friday 19 July 2024 from 20:30:00 in 23:00:00
Peisey-Vallandry (73210)

Programme 2023

Programme for the 16th Festival du Voyage à vélo 2023 - Vallandry

Meet at the Vallandry cinema with 2 films each evening in the presence of the authors
Friday 18th August :
8.30pm: "The Salt Tandems": in the distance, ochre mountains with sensual curves, encircling an immaculate expanse, a mythical place, almost unreal: the Salar d'Uyuni, on the Bolivian altiplano, the largest salt desert in the world. It was in this setting of contrasts and silence, under an azure sky, that a group of friends decided to venture out on three tandems built on site for the occasion. Three extraordinary mounts, to devour this lunar landscape and cruise around this strange ocean of crystals, between two bivouacs, through storms and punctures. This self-produced film, with its taste for daring and freedom, its authentic freshness and its focus on the essentials, tells the story of this timeless, self-sufficient journey, which gives friendship and travel all their meaning.
9.30pm: "Zero waste - zero carbon": Just when it seemed that the battle against single-use plastic was gaining ground, the Covid crisis put disposables back on a pedestal. Despite growing ecological awareness and a passion for nature, the organisation of sporting events has not been left behind, and old habits are harder than ever to change. At a time of trail cancellations, our Zero Waste Sport team (Besançon) had the idea of organising an event that would combine its values with a sporting challenge, with three strong commitments: to avoid producing waste, not to buy new equipment, and to reduce the carbon impact as much as possible. The Grande Traversée du Jura was chosen as the destination. In choosing the Jura massif, the team wanted to emphasise its commitment to local sports as a means of reducing its carbon footprint, and advocating a return to slow, overland travel. A demonstration by example that it is just as gratifying, if not more so, to experience a human and sporting adventure without flying to the other end of the planet.

Saturday 19 August :
8.30pm: "Virages" On this journey, we want to touch and help touch wonder. Wonder requires a certain ability to lose oneself, to let go and become one with nature. This union will give us access to the true sense of universality that lies behind even the most insignificant things. We can't wait.... Today, we live in a magnificent region, surrounded by friends and beauty. We enjoy outdoor activities in a magical setting, but do we know how to appreciate it? The Little Prince used to say, "You can only see with your heart, the most important things are invisible to the eye", and through this adventure, we want to experience and share this string of wonders, so it's a turning point for us, a letting go towards the unknown that's already filling us with wonder!
9.30pm: "BikingMan": The BikingMan resurrects the spirit of ultra-distance cycling by bringing together ordinary men and women to compete in races without any assistance (food, repairs, orientation, no following vehicle) so that they can reveal themselves in the event. At the end of each season, a male and female champion is nominated in recognition of their perseverance, determination and ability to withstand the many difficulties of each race. In this documentary, which looks back at the 2021 season, you'll experience the adventures of some of BikingMan's most emblematic profiles as they push their limits, day and night, solo or in pairs, on sublime courses. It's a dose of pure adventure where you'll thrill alongside these modern-day adventurers who attempt this challenge. You'll discover endearing characters, their cracks, their weaknesses, but above all their incredible ability to show resilience to reach the end of the challenge. You'll discover how this human and sporting challenge transforms the way these adventurers perceive the world in their everyday lives.

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    Free of charge.


    Languages spoken : French


    From Friday 19 to Saturday 20 July 2024 between 8.30 pm and 11 pm.


    Cinéma de Vallandry Vallandry 73210 Peisey-Vallandry
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