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Musical Itineraries 2024: Concert 1

First concert in the Chopin tribute series.
The artist and concert program will be announced at the end of the masterclass.

Cultural Musical Itineraries 2024: Concert 1 Villarodin-Bourget


On Wednesday 31 July 2024 from 11:00:00 in 12:00:00
Villarodin-Bourget (73500)

A fascinating journey into the elegant and passionate art of Chopin and his fellow Romantic composers under the fingers of the Italian vituoso.
With the participation of the Nouvel Orcheste Ferruccio Busoni and young pianists from the masterclass.


Full price: 5 €.

Adult pass Chopin 2024 : €40
Children's pass (under 18) Chopin 2024 / €20.


Languages spoken : French


Wednesday 31 July 2024 between 11 am and 12 pm.
Concert duration: 40 minutes.


Eglise Saint-Julien : en accès libre Rue Saint Antoine 73500 Villarodin-Bourget
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