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Interview with Muriel Zürcher

Interview with students from André Corbet secondary school and presentation of students' work on the author's novels.

Cultural, Entertainment/recreation Interview with Muriel Zürcher Samoëns


On Saturday 04 May 2024 from 14:00:00 in 15:30:00
Samoëns (74340)

Muriel Zürcher pursued a very serious study before embarking on a fascinating career. All the while, stories were popping up in her head, blossoming and vying for their place. One day, they made such a mess of her imagination that Muriel had no choice but to get them out! Since then, in Savoy, where she lives, she has been writing stories for all ages, published both in print and in book form.

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    Free access.


    Languages spoken : French


    Saturday 4 May 2024 between 2 pm and 3.30 pm.


    Espace Le Bois Aux Dames Centre Sportif et culturel 600 route du Lac aux Dames 74340 Samoëns

    From the Samoëns tourist office, walk down to the parking lot below the skating rink to take the impasse des drugères. At the end of this, take the footpath to the right of the MMV Residence. At the end of the path, take the crosswalk. The path is suitable for PRMs.

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