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Geology Week

This week, explore the wonders of geology! Exciting lectures, excursions and workshops await you. Discover the secrets of the Earth and appreciate its natural beauty. An immersive experience that will arouse your geological curiosity.

Cultural Geology Week Aussois


On Saturday 27 July 2024
Aussois (73500)

Programme for the week
- 6.30pm: aperitif. Come and meet Jean-Marie, artisan stonemason and manager of the "mines de rien" boutique-workshop, and chat with him about his trade and passion over a craft beer at the Brasserie d'Oé.
- 8.30pm: Monday film "Des cailloux dans la chaussure". At the gateway to the Vercors, the inhabitants of Saint-Nazaire-en-Royans discover that a massive rock quarry wants to set up on the small mountain overlooking their village, Mont Vanille. Stunned by the gigantic scale of the project and feeling betrayed by their elected representatives, the village took action. This story is linked to the project to create Special Quarrying Zones in the Maurienne.

- 9am: Walk: the secrets of gypsum. This hike, supervised by a mountain leader, will be accompanied by Hugues Vincent, a qualified geology enthusiast, who will be sharing his knowledge of the formation of gypsum, its role in the Alps, the geological layers he has traversed... 5€ /ps
- 3pm: escape game: the great landslide (in creation)
- 9.30pm: hike - the night of time. Let the stars guide you to a site where geology meets archaeology. On these marble slabs polished by the glacier, our ancestors engraved the enigmatic signs of their vision of the world. 19/ad, €14/child.

- 9am: land art walk. Give free rein to your creativity on our land art walk in the mountains, where you can create ephemeral sculptures and installations using materials found on site.
- 3pm: creative workshop - pebble painting. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, this workshop will allow you to escape into an artistic universe by transforming simple pebbles into real works of art. 3€
- 8.30pm: Family challenges, special geology evening. An evening worthy of the greatest TV shows!

- 7.30 am: Hike: rocky glaciers. An immersive experience that will plunge you into the heart of the wilderness and help you understand the importance of glacial ecosystems in our ever-changing world. Bring your own picnic. 10€/ps
- 8.30pm: Conference - the secret of rock glaciers with Thomas Echelard. At the Brasserie d'Oé.

9am - 12pm and 2pm - 6pm at the Tourist Office: "Devil's Hunt" treasure hunt. Come and pick up your game booklet, board the Grand Jeu chairlift and set off to discover the legend of Peyra Levrousa!
- 5pm: Macromineralogy workshop with the Mines de rien workshop. Registration at the Tourist Office, 5€/ps


Free of charge.


Languages spoken : French


From 27/07 to 03/08/2024, daily.


Maison d'Aussois - Office de Tourisme 43 route des Barrages 73500 Aussois

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