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Course Verticale (KV)

An individually-timed race with a 1,000-metre elevation gain! With a finish line at the top of Bellevarde at 2,826 metres, this should satisfy any die-hard fan of extreme physical challenges!
Start of the race: 1pm / Prize ceremony: 3pm.

Sports and leisure Course Verticale (KV) Val-d'Isère


On Sunday 07 July 2024 in 11:30:00
Val-d'Isère (73150)

Vertical races are increasingly popular. Enthusiasm for this discipline is reaching new heights, and the legendary Bellevarde slope is perfect for this kind of event.
Vertical races are particularly challenging and generally take place in heavenly settings.
Despite being so demanding, this race against the clock attracts not only the world’s best competitors but also enthusiasts in search of adrenalin thrills.
The final at the top of Bellevarde, 2,826 metres above sea level, is an absolute must-see.
Vertical kilometre: A race over a 1,000-metre elevation gain and individually timed.


Languages spoken : French


Sunday 7 July 2024 at 11.30 am.


Parc des sports du centre 73150 Val-d'Isère
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