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Combe Bénite trail running race

It's time for the 16th edition of the Trail de Combe Bénite on the footpaths around Granier and in the Beaufortain massif.

Sports and leisure Combe Bénite trail running race Aime-la-Plagne


On Sunday 08 September 2024
Aime-la-Plagne (73210)
Animals not allowed
150 participants

Full info on combebenite.fr
Find us on Instagram: @traildecombebenite



Rates to come.

Methods of payment accepted : Bank/credit card, Check, Cash


Animals not allowed
Languages spoken : French
Languages of documentation : French

Collect your bib from 7.30am on 11 September at the start in Rue La Cudraz, Granier.

Recommended equipment: a container for drinks at the refreshment posts, a windbreaker, a survival blanket, 500 ml of water, food for the race, a pair of poles, a mobile phone.
The routes are on mountainous terrain and at altitude. The weather conditions can be difficult (cold, wind, even snow or, on the contrary, very hot) and vary greatly from one section of the route to another. Runners may also be immobilised and cool down rapidly in the event of injury.
Each competitor is responsible for their choice of equipment.
The use of poles is authorised, provided that runners keep them with them throughout the course (they must not be left along the way).


Sunday 8 September 2024.
Trail de Combe Bénite: 8am
Tour de Fallié: 9am
Le Bief: 9am
Children's races: 1.15pm

Bib collection and start of all races from Rue La Cudraz in Granier.


Départ du village de Granier Rue de la Cudraz Granier 73210 Aime-la-Plagne
On : Granier (73210), Aime-la-Plagne (73210)

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