• Entertainment/recreation

Children’s show - Le Petit Salon

Le Petit Salon is a show of magic, juggling and optical illusions. Bertox is in his lounge playing with the objects around him.

Entertainment/recreation Children’s show - Le Petit Salon Val-d'Isère


On Wednesday 31 July 2024 from 16:00:00 in 17:00:00
Val-d'Isère (73150)
150 expected spectators

He has a passion for optical illusion and shares with the audience his collection of balls, rings, cards and all sorts of visual tricks that he performs in a highly original manner, interacting with the audience throughout the show.


Free of charge.


Open to children
Languages spoken : French


Wednesday 31 July 2024 between 4 pm and 5 pm.


Amphithéâtre de verdure 73150 Val-d'Isère

Next to the Olympique cable car
Train Jaune bus route - ‘Centre Aquasportif’ stop
P1 car park recommended

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