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The Celti'Cimes, Celtic music festival, is organized every last week of July in Albiez. Music, song and dance courses, concerts, folk ball and improvised sessions in bars, punctuate the week (see detailed program).

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Albiez-le-Jeune (73300)

Any musician, beginner or experienced, adult or child, can sign up for one or more music, singing and dance courses (for a fee). Ask the organizers for details.
Entrance fees apply for the 1st concert and the folk ball.
The two concerts on Wednesday and Friday evenings on the square are by the box office.
For three days, makers and luthiers are invited to exhibit.
Sessions are improvised freely in the bars, according to the wishes of the musicians present throughout the village (this does not depend on the organizers).

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of Irish sessions every evening in the village bars!

Since the first edition, sustainable development has been at the heart of the festival organization team's concerns. The cuisine is homemade, and over 90% of it is based on local and/or organic produce. The beer served at the refreshment stand is regional and organic. Vegetarian meals are systematically offered. Paper editions (notably the program) are kept to a minimum, and information is provided as electronically as possible. An effort has also been made on festival merchandising, where promotional T-shirts and industrial screen-printed objects have been abandoned in favor of limited-edition wooden birdhouses.


Free to participate. Saturday's opening concert and Sunday's Bal Folk are €10 (€8 concessions and €4 for children under 6).
Concerts in the square on Wednesday and Friday are "by the hat".
Courses and master classes are not free.
The exhibition of makers and luthiers is open to the public.


Languages spoken : French


From 27/07 to 02/08.

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La Ville 73300 Albiez-le-Jeune
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