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On Thursday 25 August 2022
Bessans (73480)

Bessans is hosting the Biathlon Contest on Thursday August 25 at the Stade International de Haute Maurienne Vanoise. An opportunity to (re)discover biathlon and encourage the greatest biathletes. The Nordic summer event in Bessans, which is becoming an unmissable event for more and more professional teams, has seen the presence of the French men's and women's teams. The public will notably be able to see Anaïs Bescond, Quentin Fillon Maillet or Simon Desthieux during the shooting events. The opportunity for the public to observe the biggest names in biathlon, but also to learn for free.

On the program at the international biathlon stadium: to come

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    Free of charge.


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    Thursday 25 August 2022.


    73480 Bessans
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