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Beef on the spit

The first "Bœuf à la Broche" was organized for the 20th anniversary of the Vacheresse Festival Committee in the Bise mountain pastures. The success of this convivial day made it a meeting place for friends from the Chablais region, Switzerland and, of course, holidaymakers.

Entertainment/recreation Beef on the spit Vacheresse


On Sunday 04 August 2024
Vacheresse (74360)

We look forward to seeing you again at lunchtime, in the marvellous setting of Bise, where numerous volunteers are ready to welcome you to taste the famous 450kg spit-roasted beef. The meal will be accompanied by local music groups.
Reservations required (with members of the Comité des fêtes, at the bar in the town hall), with light refreshments available on site.


Languages spoken : French


Sunday 4 August 2024.


Alpage de Bise 74360 Vacheresse
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