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All-public show: The curiosity trainer

Come on! Come on!
And discover the curiosity trainer and her legendary animal the Yock!
Between the yak and the yeti, he scared and terrorized entire populations.
Driven away by people, he took refuge on a small glacier plateau of Mount Altai on the border between Mongolia and China. Protected by magnificent impassable forests it remained unknown until then.
But fleeing global warming, we will find him a few years later in Europe in a forest not far from where my little circus had settled.
That’s when I first discovered him, he was alone and seemed lost. At the beginning, terrorized by this gigantic creature, I quickly realized that the beast did not want me any harm…

Entertainment/recreation All-public show: The curiosity trainer Arêches-Beaufort


On Monday 22 July 2024 from 17:00:00 in 18:00:00
Arêches-Beaufort (73270)
Animals allowed

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    Free of charge.

    Methods of payment accepted : Check, Bank/credit card, Cash


    Open to children
    Animals allowed
    Languages spoken : French


    Monday 22 July 2024 between 5 pm and 6 pm.

    • Pets welcome


    Base de Loisirs de Marcôt Beaufort 73270 Arêches-Beaufort
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