Do you love mountain biking? Then you’ll find true happiness in one of the 46 bike parks in the Savoie Mont Blanc area (25 in the Savoie and 21 in the Haute-Savoie). Bike parks are to mountain bikers what ski resorts are to skiers.

A dedicated space

For multiple fun

We often think about the downhill pistes associated with ski lifts (like ski resorts) when we talk about bike parks. But, in fact, the term encompasses a wider premise and includes all of the organisation, services, and equipment dedicated mainly or exclusively to mountain bike activities.

Bike parks generally have four types of trails: downhill, enduro, cross-country, and eMTB.

The downhill trails have raised bends and jumps, and sometimes timber trails—referred to as North Shores.

Enduro trails often use existing trekking paths (you’ll need to share the space with others) that have been left in their most natural states possible. These trails are usually downhill and rely on ski lifts.  


Classic mountain bikes and eMTBs can also use these trails. Cross-country itineraries are loops that alternate between flat, uphill, and downhill terrains and are less technical than downhill or enduro. Fun zones often found at the “foot of the ski pistes” are also very popular. They help bikers learn to handle their equipment on wooden modules (beams, whoop-te-doos, etc.).


The trails are marked with colours, just like the ski pistes, indicating their technical levels. Begin with the green or blue trails before riding on the red or black ones, which are more technical and require a higher level of prowess. For downhill or enduro, choose bikes with full suspensions (at least 160 mm of travel in the front and back), as well as full protective gear..

Tous les bike park


  • Helmet with chin guard (recommended for all kinds of MTB)
  • Jacket with front and back protection
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Wrist braces