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The Village of Boudin

The village of Boudin is the highest of the many hamlets of the Beaufort community. This village is so remarkable that it has been classified as a ‘protected site’ by the Academy of Fine Arts since 1943 and some of its chalets are registered in the heritage inventory.

Historic site and monument The Village of Boudin Arêches-Beaufort


Arêches-Beaufort (73270)
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When you observe the village from downstream, you realize that it is located on a steep slope between 1,230m and 1,380m. The chalets are grouped and layered into horizontal rows, they all enjoy the sun and a beautiful view of the valley. There are about 5-6 rows of chalets. In the past, hamlets in the Beaufort area were very isolated, especially in winter. Life was organized around several gathering points: the trough, the bread oven, the school and the chapel. Built in 1630, the Saint Jacques chapel was probably erected to replace an older wood version. Inhabitants were involved in its construction and decoration, providing money, materials and labour. It was recently restored and can be visited. A fire destroyed three beautiful chalets in December 2010. They have been reconstructed in accordance with the original architecture.


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Boudin 73270 Arêches-Beaufort
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