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The Hamlet and Chapel of Praz

The village of Le Praz takes its name from its location on a plateau surrounded by meadows. It was built on either side of a wide paved road that connected Beaufort and Arêches, joined by another road that went down towards the mill, along L’Argentine.

Historic site and monument The Hamlet and Chapel of Praz Arêches-Beaufort


Arêches-Beaufort (73270)
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Initially dedicated to the Holy Trinity then to St. Anthony the Hermit in 1608 and built in 1565, the chapel is one of the oldest in the valley. A Romanesque structure, it is relatively dark inside. Its walls are thick and plain as they need to withstand the weather. It was restored between 1898 and 1902; the 2005 renovations have transformed the facade of the chapel back to its original bright colours. The bulbous bell towers are typical of Baroque art and were more expensive to build than a tower made of simple walls. It shows the affluence of the inhabitants of the village who would have had to employ a qualified architect, usually from the Sesia valley in Italy. Higher up, along the old road, you can find a washhouse, ‘bachal’ in local dialect, dated 1892 and restored in 1924. Rather large, it consists of a stone basin separated in two parts. The second concrete basin is more recent. The bachal is protected by a roof and was once sheltered from the wind and rain by a removable awning. It was used for livestock to drink, wash clothes and provide drinking water.


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Le Praz Beaufort 73270 Arêches-Beaufort
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